Buckfastleigh Action For Nature Group

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buckfastleigh action for nature Deptford Pink logo

Buckfastleigh Action for Nature Group

Join to help Nature help us.

Buckfastleigh Action for Nature Group is a grass roots community group dedicated to protecting the biodiversity of Buckfastleigh and surrounding area.

What We Do

buckfatliegh action for nature group - verges project

Verges Project

Roadside verges can be a valuable habitat for wildlife and an opportunity for people to appreciate nature. We are supported by the Town Council to restore some local green areas such as Elliot Plain (pictured) and create areas alive with flowers and insects for everyone to enjoy. Volunteer parties cut the grass, sow seeds and plant flowers.


Trinity Church Project

The older part of Trinity Churchyard, up on the hill overlooking Buckfastleigh, is a haven for wildlife. A regular group of volunteers works hard to slowly turn the area around the old church into a wildflower meadow. We meet most months and have also put up bird boxes, including many swift boxes on the tower to provide nest sites for this declining bird. We plan to spend time recording the wildlife that lives in and visits the churchyard


Nature Network Project

A project to connect more of our community with our local wildlife and with each other started with a National Lottery grant in 2022. A series of workshops and events enabled people to create space for nature and explore ways to combat climate change at a local level. We are always looking for opportunities to connect with other local groups and people with similar ideas. If you want to make better space for nature and people, get in touch.


For those of us that love to be outside doing something, the regular volunteer gathering is a friendly way to help make our green spaces better for wildlife. From grass-cutting in Trinity Churchyard, seed sowing on the verges, counting Deptford Pinks, there are many ways to help. All with plenty of tea, biscuits and a chat to help things along. Get in touch if you want to join us.